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Flower Stall - Commercial

We began the project by thinking about how it might be possible to reinvent the idea of a floral motif. We were particularly interested in electron scanning microscope images of flower petals, which reveal tiny three-dimensional wave patterns across the petal surface. The purpose of these waves is unclear, although it is believed that they may have role in intensifying the colour of the flower, or in acting as a grippable surface for bees and other insects. Using both digital and traditional fabrication techniques these ridges are represented in the timber form of the flower stall, so that the nano-condition of a petal is translated into a contemporary interpretation of the floral motif in the architecture.

The project received planning in early 2013 and is due for completion shortly.

[client: Mountgrange Heritage & The Cundall Partnership /  fabrication: William Hardie Design / planning: Ian Fergusson of Turley Associates / structures: Tall Engineers]

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